As the EPL goes into the final week, some clubs or rather players have already decide to move on even before the final ball is kicked. Let me share my view on some of the transfer news this week.


All the media light was on Wenger’s team as news of Mathieu Flamini moving to Milan for better money dominated the soccer scene. Flamini has been a key player for Arsenal this season as he formed a formidable partnership with Cesc Fabregas in the heart of Arsenal midfield. The question is,” is he that good?” If Wenger sees him as an important player why not offer him an extra $10000 pounds per week? Surely Arsenal is not that poor right. In my opinion, Flamini is not an untouchable for Wenger. Wenger wants to bulid his Arsenal team around Fabregas. Wenger can partner someone more experienced who can teach Fab a thing or 2. Gattuso or Gareth Barry would be a great choice and Wenger needs to add someone whom is world class or else the like of Helb, Adebayor would be leaving a club whom they think is declining. Mind you Arsenal had not won any silverware for the past 3 seasons and players want to win things. I think it would be make or break for Arsenal next season and i think Helb is leaving too which mean Wenger had a lot of rebuliding to do. However, the good news is that he has plenty of money to do that.  

Man City  

So is Sven Goran Eriksson staying or leaving? Rumours are that he will be joining Benfica and Scolari will be taking charge of Eriksson next season. If this happens, I forsee that Scolari will do an Arsenal next season and Scolari will be replaced by maybe Mourinho. What is success to Thasksin then? If doing the double over your city rival and maybe soon to be Champions(maybe double Champions) and achieving a top half finish is not for a side firting with relegation just last season, then that is?? If Micah Richards has not been injured i think Man City can fight for 5th spot a least. Therefore in many eyes including mine, Eriksson has been a major success. Give him more time and more money and he will definitely do much better. If Scholari takes over, I dont think he will fare badly but there will be alot of “what if” in Man city next season.


News have just spread that Frank Rijkaard will be replaced by Josep Guardiola at the end of the season. Is this really the right move? I think so. Rijkaard is losing the plot. With so many stars in this Barcelona team, who would predict that they will finish 3rd in the la liga. Barcelona needs major changes. Those who do not play to play soccer at the Camp Nou shall just leave(you know who i mean). This Barcelona is playing with a lack of desire, passion and teamwork. Alot needs to be done before they can challenge Real Madrid once again. With this, it means that Rijkaard can join Chelsea next season. Its just like a movie script.


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