Around the world..and summer transfers

Woohoo the Serie A season has ended and what a finish!

Roma was trailing Inter by a single point and they were topping the table until Inter scored late in the second half. If Roma had clinched the title, it would have been the most astonishing comeback i have ever seen since i started watching soccer but too bad its was too little too late for Roma but what an effort!

AC Milan will not be playing Champions League football next season. Fiorentina will be playing though and Milan had the “best” player of the world in Kaka! I forsee major changes at AC this coming summer just like a certain Bayern Munich. Milan to win Uefa cup next season?? Dont buy against it.

There are rumors that Ronaldo will be going to Spain after the Champions League Finals. In my honest opinion, there is no point having a player who have no desire to play for the club so if he wants to go, den please. The money from Ronaldo’s sale could bring in at least 3 world class players and there are quality players out there who can step into Ronaldo’s shoes. However my guy feeling and heart told me that Ronaldo will continue wearing the same jersey he had been wearing for the past 5 season because of 1 man- Sir Alex Ferguson. He will persuade Ronaldo to stay and until Ferguson retires, I dont see Ronaldo leaving at all.

There are alot of rebuilding jobs for some major clubs this off season. Barcelona, Chelsea and AC Milan are the most prominent and I believe these 3 clubs will be trading players. Mourinho buying players from Chelsea so there are a few players who will be leaving. Barcelona’s players who are leaving are good players so those clubs with ambitions should keep a lookout for these players. Therefore it will be a busy off season and below are some players that i think major clubs should look out for.

Gareth Barry: Liverpool is the fore-runner for the Aston Villa Captain and I think Barry definitely needs to leave if he is to reach another level. Arsenal would be a good choice also as he will be guarantee a place next to Fabregas and it will be a dream partnership. Chelsea if Lampard leaves. Man Utd no chance i think.  

Ronaldino: The forgotten man in Barcelona. He was once the best player in the game and I think he’s the major rseason why Barcelona flopped. Any club who can bring the best out of Ronnie will be a force to reckon with. Ronnie almost joined Man Utd in 2002. If he had played under Ferguson, Ithink Ronnie would have shone longer. Any club that buys him will be a risk, but a risk worth taken. Liverpool should consider, but most likely he is going to turn up in Italy next season at San Siro too but not sure which Milan team.

Karim Benzema: A good showing at Euro 2008 should see him leaving for a big club. Any big club should be interested in him if they are looking for a excellent and young striker. He will blossom into one of the great player and he could be the next Torres in the EPL if he chooses to come to England but I think he will end up in Spain at the Camp Nou. I will cross my fingers that he chooses the champions of England.

Klass Jan Huntelaar: Another hot property in Europe just like Benzema. Should join one of the big club too. There is also a possibility that he and Benzema will be playing at the same team next season. I will be the most surprise if both of them choose to stay at Lyon and Ajax.

Samuel Eto: One of the best centre forward in the game. If Drogba leaves for AC Milan, I think he will do better than Drogba for Chelsea. If Adebayor leaves Arsenal, Arsenal’s fans will hope Eto is the new man to lead the Arsenal attack next season. Dont rule out Italy though but definitely he would not be playing in spain next season.

 Dimitar Berbatov: Another player which I think will be playing somewhere else next season. A proven player at the biggest stage, the best player to play outside the Champions League, it will take big shoes to replace this guy. Chelsea and Man Utd will suit him because he will want to win an EPL title before moving aboard for another challenge. Therefore I could see Bertatov playing in England next season. I hope he stays at spurs though so that spurs can challenge the big four next season.

I forsee Man Utd to be the least busy of the big 4, Chelsea to be the busiest, Arsenal depending on the number of players leaving and Liverpool adding quality instead of quantity should be their priority. It’s time to splash some cash man! 



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