The big Match..

So the end is near. Is Moscow going to be a sea of red or river of blue comes tmr night? Its going to be a tight affair. Its Manchester United versus Chelsea in the Champions League Final.

Mindgames has already begun before a ball has been kicked. Rooney and Vidic are using what Rafa Benitez did and how the Liverpool Boss failed. So why did Rooney and Vidic do it again? I guess the best way to distract the opposition team is to distract their best player which is Drogba in this case. It will work either wonderfully or fail miserably. However the spotlight is not only on Drogba, Lampard, Cech, Carvalho, Avarm Grant and a host of Chelsea players are in the newspapers for possible transfer in the summer. How about Man Utd? The biggest news of all is of course Ronaldo but that was the only negative news Man Utd had before this game so Ronaldo was basically putting all the spotlight onto himself so that the rest of his team mates can focus on this game fully. Man Utd 1 Chelsea 0.

Chelsea had more Champions League winners than Man Utd. Man Utd on the whole are still a young team wheras Chelsea had a team full of winners. So advantage Chelsea? No I dont think so. Its useless to have a team of winners if you have a “loser” manager. Avram Grant is not bad but compare to Sir Alex Ferguson? Man Utd 2 Chelsea 0.

Players for players i think both team are on par. Both team has a mean defence and this match could come down to a moment of magic or a moment of foolish-ness. Chelsea looks in danger after they gave Man utd the equaliser from a mistake from Carvalho and Babel also scored from a mistake from Cech. Man Utd’s attacking players can provide a moment of magic anytime anywhere but Chelsea players are more efficient. Therefore, Chelsea having a better squad overall gives them an edge here. Man Utd 2 Chelsea 1.

Hence thats my prediction for this match but dont ever rule out a boring 0-0 draw. Remember that match bewteen Man Utd and Barcelona at the Camp Nou just weeks ago? Buy big on 1,3 goals and 1-1 on the exact score ticket if your hands are itchy. Anything could unfold in this match though.  


One response to “The big Match..

  1. man united deserves victory. they have so many chances to seal the game. no doubt, chelsea might have 2 balls striking the bar and some may say United will have lost if the ball was a few inches left or lower. why not just say, Chelsea was lucky that the ball hit the bar cos nothing would have been worth mentioning if the ball was a few inches right or higher?

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