Euro08=Spainish moment?

So Euro08 got underway with the big guns firing all cylinders. Germany and Portugal got off to an early start with 2-0 wins over Poland and Turkey respectively. Well not a surprise to me as I have correctly predicted this scoreline. I’m currently challenging my good friend Mark over Euro08 on his website So far we have been on par except for that opening match between Switerzland and Czech Republic.

Although I have correctly predicted some scorelines so far, it has not tempted me to a trip to pools yet. The reason being its still early in the tournment and anything can happen, especially tonight.

The group of death begins in 2 hours time with France sparring with Romania. Many though Romania will be the whipping boy in this group as Italy and Holland are in this group too. However I beg to differ. No doubts Italy France and Holland are favourites to win Euro08, dont disregard Romania. Romania finished above Holland in their qualifying group and the Dutch couldnt beat them so Romania is not that bad right. Next up one thing to consider is freshness of players. Romania’s players should be fresher than their oppenents although France had a very strong bench to help them. Holland’s suspectful defence will be their main weakness and if Romania can draw with Italy and France and then beat Holland, they stand a good chance to go through.

Who do I think will be Champions of Europe though? The title of my post says Spain. Look at their squad and you will know why. Based on player’s form and squad depth, Spain is the best bet. However there are at least 8 teams who can win this thing, thats why this is going to be one hell of a tournement.  


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