Glory Glory Spain!!

wah i know this post came super late but better late than never right. hee was busy with work, camp and outings. =D

Spain has been crowned European Champions and in my last post i have predicted that this will be Spain’s year and indeed they delivered. Although my money was on Portugal and Croatia, sometimes listening to your heart is better to your head. Portugal’s dismal showing in the quarter final can be due to 2 men- Ronaldo and Scolari. And perhaps Croatia was too over rated but i do hope Luka Modric can shine for Tottenham and give liverpool a run for their coveted 4th spot in the EPL. I cant wait for EPL to start and but the most intriguing part may be the summer transfer. Who will come and go?? Is Ronaldo’s staying?? Who will the big 4 buy?? Your guess is as goodas mine.

However Chelsea is already making an impression in the summer transfer, signing Bosingwa and Deco. Bosingwa will take time to adapt to EPL as well as Deco but what’s the real motive of signing Deco when you already have Lampard and Ballack. After Ballack’s strong showing in Euro08, he’s has shown that he’s one of the best all rounded midfielder in the world. Hence the question “how to accomodate all 3 of them as well as Essien?” Scolari will most probabaly use his favoured 4-2-3-1 formation and my guess is either Lampard is leaving or Deco is going to stay on the bench.

Liverpool is also making strong impressions on the transfer market. Gareth Barry arrival means Alonso’s departure but is Barry really a better player than Alonso. In the EPL certainly but in the Champions League Alonso’s experience is surely more valuable. Hence i would not really swop Barry for Alonso. Liverpool needs to buy real wingers and i’m waiting to see how ambitious Liverpool is this coming season.They need to buy,but buy wisely and with some quality also. Another “Torres transfer” will surely help Liverpool mount a more serious title challenge.


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