The SAMBA BOYS came to town!

Woohoo! so i went to watch the Brazil Olympics Soccer team vs a Singapore Selection match at the National Stadium last night. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the likes of Ronaldinho, Pato and Anderson live in actiona and moreover its the LAST match of the National Stadium. With tickets going at half price, we couldnt say no.

So Brazil won the match 3-0 to many surprises because many, including me, expected a goal feast. However Singapore are no pushovers and with superior fitness and home ground advantage, we managed to put in a good fight, almost scoring on 2 occasions. The Samba Boys are good of course but they have to play way better if they are to win gold at the Olympics. Ronaldinho is a fan’s favourite as of Anderson because many were spotted wearing the Man Utd jersey but Ronnie is clearly unfit and need to shed off some fats. He’s the key man for Brazil definitely so all eyes will be on him come August.

Now to EPL action. The first major summer transfer of the season- Robbie Keane to Liverpool! Robbie Keane partnering Torres is mouth watering but where will Stevie plays? perhaps right wing again and that will not favours the Liverpool Captain. Liverpool needs a right winger and unless they do so, they cant get the best of keane, torres and gerrad. Therefore i still cant see Liverpool challenging for the title yet.

So that will perhaps trigger a series of big money moves. Hopefully Man Utd signs a new striker. I cant wait for the start of the EPL!!


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