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The SAMBA BOYS came to town!

Woohoo! so i went to watch the Brazil Olympics Soccer team vs a Singapore Selection match at the National Stadium last night. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the likes of Ronaldinho, Pato and Anderson live in actiona and moreover its the LAST match of the National Stadium. With tickets going at half price, we couldnt say no.

So Brazil won the match 3-0 to many surprises because many, including me, expected a goal feast. However Singapore are no pushovers and with superior fitness and home ground advantage, we managed to put in a good fight, almost scoring on 2 occasions. The Samba Boys are good of course but they have to play way better if they are to win gold at the Olympics. Ronaldinho is a fan’s favourite as of Anderson because many were spotted wearing the Man Utd jersey but Ronnie is clearly unfit and need to shed off some fats. He’s the key man for Brazil definitely so all eyes will be on him come August.

Now to EPL action. The first major summer transfer of the season- Robbie Keane to Liverpool! Robbie Keane partnering Torres is mouth watering but where will Stevie plays? perhaps right wing again and that will not favours the Liverpool Captain. Liverpool needs a right winger and unless they do so, they cant get the best of keane, torres and gerrad. Therefore i still cant see Liverpool challenging for the title yet.

So that will perhaps trigger a series of big money moves. Hopefully Man Utd signs a new striker. I cant wait for the start of the EPL!!


A night to remember..

This was a night to be remembered, for Ryan Giggs’s record appearance as the all time leading player to representManchester United, for Roanldo’s fananstic header and his 42nd goal of a marvellous season, for Drogba’s stupid red card, for John Terry penalty miss and Edwin Van Der Sarr’s save from Anelka’s spot kick to give Man Utd their 3rd European cup. This was the kinda of european night that all Man Utd fan will remember forever.

50 years ago, a plane crashed in Germany, killing several Man utd players known as the Busby Babes. 10 years since that fatal plane crash, Man Utd won their first European Cup, beating Benfica 4-1 in extra time. In 1999, Man utd beat Bayern Munich 2-1 thanks to 2 stoppage time goals from Ole Gunnar Solskjær and Teddy SHeringham at the Camp Nou in the most dramatic final I have ever seen. 3 years ago, Liverpool staged the most amazing comback in European Cup final coming down 3-0 at half time to win in penalties. I have no doubt Liverpool will win the final that night after scoring the euqualiser. Last night, I have no doubt that Chelsea will win this one in extra time or penalty in the most nail-biting final I have watched so far, after all I’m a Man Utd fan. However, fate put me wrong.

On such a special night, it was fate that won Man Utd the Cup. On the preview of this big match, it was said that Chelsea has the more experience players than Man Utd players but where were them for Chelsea last night? Belletti came off the bench in the last minute of extra so that he can take one of the penalty. Ballack was one of the better player and Carvalho and Mekelele were there. However where were Andriy Shevchenko and Paulo Ferreira? I though Shevshould have take one of the penalty. Rewind to the final between Milan and Juventus few years ago. It was Shev who scored the winning penalty to secure the Cup for Milan. A very big “what if” had Shev took the fifth penalty instead of John Terry. He could repay Chelsea with that single moment and Im quite sure Shev will score.

Now to the 2 individuals that I have said that could decide this match. I said Chelsea would come out top and I think I’m correct. What a way Drogba decide this match ala Zidane at the 2006 World Cup final. It was like Drogba deciding to do what Zidane did for his last match for France and in this case Chelsea. ” I dont want to take the penalty. I dont like the pressure! I’m leaving the club anyway so I dont care. What the fu*k!” he must be thinking so “bang” red card and he strolled away in disgrace. What a relief for him though.

Ronaldo’s a relief man also. After missing his spot kick yet again, he has to thank Terry and Van Der Sarr. After the match, his future is in doubt again. If he does leave, I’m quite sure Man Utd will have a new manager next season. This current crop of Man Utd players has the potential to win many things and Ronaldo’s departure will leave a big gap missing especially since the likes of Giggs and Scholes will not be playing that much next season. Will Ronaldo leave to seek new challenges after being the best player in the world this season or will he stay to win more things with this current batch Man Utd players? We shall see.

Man of the Match: Pete Cech. I was thinking of Frank Lampard too. Lampard was Chlsea best player in this season and he scored a crucial equaliser last night. He even hit the cross bar with a sweet left footed shot. He has been the most consistent Chelsea player, scoring 20 goals for every past seasons. Alot of credit must give to Jose Mourinho who has transformed Lampard into the player he is today. Pete got my nod because he gave a world class performance last night. What a save from Carrick! He kept Chelsea in the match. And he saved from Ronaldo too from the penalty shoot out. In the end its was Terry and Anelka who let him down. Pete Cech no doubt is the best goalkepper in the world and will be for the next decade or so.

Why Man Utd is the European Champion: You could say its luck or fate but I dont care. Man Utd has the better game plan, raiding down Chelsea’s flanks wherever they can, exposing the weakness of Michael Essien but they will not find him there next season as Chesleahas brought a new right back. The second half its was all Chelsea and its was apalling to find Park Ji Sung not even on the bench. After encouraging displays against Roma and Barcelona, he could not received a medal thay he deserved. Park should move to a club that appreciate his efforts more. It was down to nerves in the penalty shoot out and unfortuately, Chelsea had more players that could not hold onto their nerves.

Farewell match: This could very well be the last appearance for some players for their respective clubs. Drogba, Lampard, Carvalho, Mekelele, Belletti are some possibilities for Chelsea and Ronaldo, Van der Sarr, Scoles, Giggs among those playing last night for Man Utd. And of course, both club’s manager.

What’s next: Chelsea is going to rebulid. I would like to see Chelsea playing 4-4-2 next season with Essein and Ballack flank by Cole and Malouda. Anelka and a new striker probably David Villa or Klass-Jan Huntelaar. The defence of course consist of Cole, Terry, Micah Richards and Bosingwa with Cech in goal. If Ronaldo leaves, a new winger will arrive. Ricardo Quaresma seems like a good choice. If Ronaldo stays, the midfield should be alright and a new striker and perhaps at least 2 new defenders must arrive especially some defenders will be leaving but expect more of the same from Man Utd.

The Club season is over and now its time for Euro 2008. It quite sad that I will be missing some of the latter matches which most probably pit the better teams against each other due to school. My money is on France and Italy but watch the underdogs and a certain Ronaldo.

The big Match..

So the end is near. Is Moscow going to be a sea of red or river of blue comes tmr night? Its going to be a tight affair. Its Manchester United versus Chelsea in the Champions League Final.

Mindgames has already begun before a ball has been kicked. Rooney and Vidic are using what Rafa Benitez did and how the Liverpool Boss failed. So why did Rooney and Vidic do it again? I guess the best way to distract the opposition team is to distract their best player which is Drogba in this case. It will work either wonderfully or fail miserably. However the spotlight is not only on Drogba, Lampard, Cech, Carvalho, Avarm Grant and a host of Chelsea players are in the newspapers for possible transfer in the summer. How about Man Utd? The biggest news of all is of course Ronaldo but that was the only negative news Man Utd had before this game so Ronaldo was basically putting all the spotlight onto himself so that the rest of his team mates can focus on this game fully. Man Utd 1 Chelsea 0.

Chelsea had more Champions League winners than Man Utd. Man Utd on the whole are still a young team wheras Chelsea had a team full of winners. So advantage Chelsea? No I dont think so. Its useless to have a team of winners if you have a “loser” manager. Avram Grant is not bad but compare to Sir Alex Ferguson? Man Utd 2 Chelsea 0.

Players for players i think both team are on par. Both team has a mean defence and this match could come down to a moment of magic or a moment of foolish-ness. Chelsea looks in danger after they gave Man utd the equaliser from a mistake from Carvalho and Babel also scored from a mistake from Cech. Man Utd’s attacking players can provide a moment of magic anytime anywhere but Chelsea players are more efficient. Therefore, Chelsea having a better squad overall gives them an edge here. Man Utd 2 Chelsea 1.

Hence thats my prediction for this match but dont ever rule out a boring 0-0 draw. Remember that match bewteen Man Utd and Barcelona at the Camp Nou just weeks ago? Buy big on 1,3 goals and 1-1 on the exact score ticket if your hands are itchy. Anything could unfold in this match though.  

Champions League Semi Finals 2nd leg: Chelsea 3- 2 Liverpool(after extra time)

Avram Grant did what “the special one” could not which is to send Chelsea into the Champions league Finals. To add sugar to this sweet victory, it was over a team that had sent them packing home in their 2 previous semi-finals, the Rafa Benitez led-Liverpool.

With the first leg ended up 1-1 at Anfield, Liverpool needs to score at the bridge to stand any chance of progressing. Many eyes were on the Liverpool’s ablility to score at Chelsea fortess and they have not done so under Benitez in Eupore. However they do one trump card in their sleeves as compared to previous seasons.

As most have predicted, the blues took the initiative in this match as they peppered long range shot onto Pepe Reina’s goal in the opening moments but Reina was never really troubled by those shots. However as one shot from Kalou fired towards Reina, the liverpool kepper could only palm it onto Didier Drogba who made no mistakewith a ferocious shot at the near post of Reina.  Alot of people agrued that Kalou was offside when he received the pass from Lampard and from tv replays, it looked really close. My first reaction wasthat Kalou was offside but unfortunately luck was not on liverpool side. The decisioncould gone either way but the refree was not to be blamed.

One of the highlight of the game was that after scoring Chelsea’s opening goal, Drogba actually “dived” in front of the Liverpool bench to celebrate purposely on front of Benitez who has accused Drogba of “going down to easily”. What a way to celebrate arh!

On the other side, just before half time, Stevie Gerrard “knocked out” Grant while the Liverpool captain try to retrieve the ball from the Israelicoach. I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud when i saw the replay of the match just now.

Trailing by one goal at half-time, i was expecting Liverpool to go for broke but they didn’t. However a moment of magic from Yossi Benayoun and clinical finishing of Fernando Torres(their trump card) put the match to square one. Advantage liverpool i think because one more goal fromt the reds and they will be going to moscow. However this was not to be and the match went into extra time.

Surely it will go into penalty again, some said. Yes this is what i though of also but the different in class showed in the 30 minutes of extra time. Essien had a goal correctly and fortunately ruled out. Chelsea players were already celebrating the goal but they responded extremely well to that decision and they had a penalty moments after. Lampard, as we all know what happened to his mum, confidently stroked home to the delights of the home fans and his teammates. As Lampard dedicates the goall to his mum, emotions swarm over me. However the sucker-punch came from Drogba as he scored his second goal of the match which effectively killed off the match. Ryan Babel scored a late goal to set up an intense finale but the miracle never come. So the Chelsea players celebrated at the bridge at the expense of the Reds who have more than a match for the Blues. History was created and alot of people are laughing at the fact that Avram Grant did it without his UEFA Pro Coaching license yet.  

For you Mum!

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Post Match Analysis

Why Chelsea won: Chelsea won because they have a better squad than Liverpool. When Liverpool was trailing, their bench was not strong enough to challenge Chelsea. I was hoping for Crouch to start the game as Liverpool needs to score but he did not even play. When Skertel was injured, Hypia came on and he is partly responsible for Liverpool defeat. Therefore, Chelsea players won for their team but Liverpool are more hardworking and tactical. Liverpool needs to recruit better in the summer. If not for Rafa Benitez, they would not have been to the Champions League Finals twice under him.

Man of the Match: Drogba, no doubts. I think he’s a better big game player than Ronaldo but lets see what happen in Moscow.

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