Man Utd.. Champions Again!!

Sorry Folks! for the late update. has been real busy with work and stuffs and really tired to update. However as tomorrow is a public holiday, so here am I to roundup the EPL season.

To not many surprises, my beloved Red Devils are Champions in England again, but with some heart-stopping moments such as the Ferdinand’s handball and Scholes almost red carded. Perhaps it was fated, Man Utd won 2-0 to cap a fantastic season with Giggs scoring the second goal on the day he become the equals Sir Bobby Charlton’s record for most number of appearance for Man Utd. Great job guys and now march on to Moscow!

Well, I had most on my money on Chelsea winning comfortably and they made me red-faced. I cant blame them though. They had put up a good fight to bring the title chase to the final day of the season. So good job too Chelsea! You deserved a pat and cheers from all soccer fans.

I learnt one important lesson though- never bet on the last day of the EPL season. You never know what’s going to happen. Who could predict that Boro would thrash Man City 8-1?? Unless the team are fighting for something, never bet on those with nothing to play for. Well I will keep that in mind for next season. Nonetheless, its heartening to see  pull out a major escape. They need to maintain their end of season performance or else they will be in trouble again. I like Birmingham and reading though but they really have themselves to blame. They could have stay out of trouble with Fulham and Bolton seemingly going down, perhaps complacency played a major part. If they can keep their squad together i think they can get back top again.

Hence the EPL concluded with Man Utd players celebrating yet another title, I could see a totally different season come this August to next May. The title race could be closer, some players will leave, some will arrive but i hope the Cup stays in Old Trafford.    



As the EPL goes into the final week, some clubs or rather players have already decide to move on even before the final ball is kicked. Let me share my view on some of the transfer news this week.


All the media light was on Wenger’s team as news of Mathieu Flamini moving to Milan for better money dominated the soccer scene. Flamini has been a key player for Arsenal this season as he formed a formidable partnership with Cesc Fabregas in the heart of Arsenal midfield. The question is,” is he that good?” If Wenger sees him as an important player why not offer him an extra $10000 pounds per week? Surely Arsenal is not that poor right. In my opinion, Flamini is not an untouchable for Wenger. Wenger wants to bulid his Arsenal team around Fabregas. Wenger can partner someone more experienced who can teach Fab a thing or 2. Gattuso or Gareth Barry would be a great choice and Wenger needs to add someone whom is world class or else the like of Helb, Adebayor would be leaving a club whom they think is declining. Mind you Arsenal had not won any silverware for the past 3 seasons and players want to win things. I think it would be make or break for Arsenal next season and i think Helb is leaving too which mean Wenger had a lot of rebuliding to do. However, the good news is that he has plenty of money to do that.  

Man City  

So is Sven Goran Eriksson staying or leaving? Rumours are that he will be joining Benfica and Scolari will be taking charge of Eriksson next season. If this happens, I forsee that Scolari will do an Arsenal next season and Scolari will be replaced by maybe Mourinho. What is success to Thasksin then? If doing the double over your city rival and maybe soon to be Champions(maybe double Champions) and achieving a top half finish is not for a side firting with relegation just last season, then that is?? If Micah Richards has not been injured i think Man City can fight for 5th spot a least. Therefore in many eyes including mine, Eriksson has been a major success. Give him more time and more money and he will definitely do much better. If Scholari takes over, I dont think he will fare badly but there will be alot of “what if” in Man city next season.


News have just spread that Frank Rijkaard will be replaced by Josep Guardiola at the end of the season. Is this really the right move? I think so. Rijkaard is losing the plot. With so many stars in this Barcelona team, who would predict that they will finish 3rd in the la liga. Barcelona needs major changes. Those who do not play to play soccer at the Camp Nou shall just leave(you know who i mean). This Barcelona is playing with a lack of desire, passion and teamwork. Alot needs to be done before they can challenge Real Madrid once again. With this, it means that Rijkaard can join Chelsea next season. Its just like a movie script.

Beginner’s luck? No WAY!

The title suggested how bad i did, but the other tipsters did not fare better as our predictions are pretty similiar. Let see how I did for my rookie week.

Man utd vs West Ham(1×2, HT/FT)= 10 points

Fulham vs Birmingham= 0 points, well 3 points was the most and i came in join 3rd!!

Bolton Sunderland(1×2)= 5 points

Aston Villa vs Wigan(1/2 goal)=2 points

Total points= 17 points

heh i came in 2nd! behind tipster 1, any prize for guessing who will win the contest?? better luck next time. =D


EPL weekly roundup-06/05/2008

Time for the weekly roundup for this week EPL matches. There are a fewresults which surprised most of us and what a suay week for me at the betting shop, shall talk more about it later.

The biggest shock of this week results was no doubt Aston Villa vs Wigan. Villa was chasing Everton’s tail for 5th spot but they lost shockingly to a Wigan side who has the 2nd poorest attack in the EPL behind you-know-who. Villa lost not only by 1 but by 2 clear goals. Many punters have gone for a 2-0 win but they did not expect the reverse result. However they could collect on the total goal ticket.

He could score with his right foot, left foot, head, backheel and his tigh(some said stomach). He is of course Cristiano Ronaldo! He took his goal tally to a whoppering 40 goals and he has 2 more matches to add to that. ‘ bet against him doing that but the goal of the week must belong to Carlos Tevez. He showed that he can do better than Scholes, the strike was quite similiar dont you guys think so. And where the heck was the West Ham defence when Carrick”walk with the ball” and shoot, not that i’m complaining though. What a lousey actor Nani was too. He dontdeserved to play in the Champions league finals which that kind of display. Go home and watch more movies on tv!

Reading did themselves no favour too with the lose against spurs. I though they would be able to score once against the king-missing spurs defence but how wrong am i. Reading had not score in 5 matches now i think andi think they are going down. They might as well go down withpride with a any-other-score results against the boys from pride park on survival sunday.

No surprises for other results as Arsenal, Liverpool won in front of their own fans for the last time this season. Bolton escaped from the relegation battle with a  2-0 home win against Sunderland. I hope they can take something out of their last game against Chelsea although they are almost guarantee preimer league status due to their superior goal diffenence. Seems that goal difference are making a big diffence this season. Aston Villa could yet overtake Everton for 5th spot on goal diffence you know that. 

How did the hell Derby managed to score against Blackburn i don’t know but there is never a doubt Blackburn would pick up all 3 points. Santa Cruz scored again, with a brace. He is definitely the best buy of the season. If Chelsea had picked up a different player from Bayern Munich at the start of the season, I think they would be champion already. What a pick from Mark Hughes!

Chelsea won at St James to take the title challenge to the last day. Ballack is on hot form now. Man Utd better watch out for him at Moscow! This match also showed that Chelsea can dictate play at their own will. The first half they are just happy to defend and in the 2nd half, they came out all guns firing. I thought they look good when playing 4-4-2 with Drogba and Anelka upfront. 

Oh yah how could I forget about the big match of the week! Fulham absolutely deserved the win but i think both fulham and Brimingham are going down. Reading has the easiest fixture. Blackburn and Porstmouth are not easy oppenent but with pomey distracted by the FA cup final, Fulham has a chance. Anything can happen, remember the saying,” the ball is round”? Man utd beware!    

A trip to pools..

Well i was at the Singapore pools outlet just now and i though i would like to try my luck this week. The rule is that never bet against teams involved in a relegation battle and i think this rule is quite correct. Therefore i would normally leave out the bottom few but this week i bought mainly on those few.

Fulham vs Birmingham

There’s a high possiblilty that this game will end up draw so i decided to put my money on 1-1($6) and 2-2($11). If i’m at live betting, having a small sum at odd goals would save some money if the result go either way.

Reading vs Tottenham

Reading could win here but they are up against a Spurs side capable of scoring.  A draw(3.20) looks a good bet but i missed out 1-1(6.50)

Blackburn vs derby

The question here is how many goals can Blackburn score. I think its 2 so 2-0(5.70) is my bet.

I left out man utd match because the odds is really not good and (1/2) is -2 1/2 goals so man utd have to win by 3 clear goals to collect money which i think may not happen.

Best Bet

I would put all my money on a blackburn win but the payout is a measly 1.20 which i think is not worth it. Most value for money is actually Fulham vs Birmingham at 2-2($11). The opening odds was $13 by the way. I’m banking on this result to collect my winnings too. I actually bet on Newcastle and Chelsea too. Chelsea 1-0($6.50) and 2-1($7) but i will be more than happy not to collect money on this result. I think i’m going for 2 goals also.  

How i wish i can enter the contest..

hmmm i have been quite interested in the newpaper reader vs tipster challenge every week so i’ll be challenging them here whenever i can. Since nothing is at stake except “face”, you guys can join mi as well. =)

As i have reviewed the matches earlier, i should not elaborate alot on my predictions then.

Man utd vs West Ham

Man utd have the firepower and they will want to settle this quick. Man utd 2-0, H-H

Fulham vs Birmingham

A draw is on the card for these 2 evenly match teams. 2-2 draw with the match at 1-1 at half-time.

Bolton vs Sunderland

Bolton have more desire to win. 1-0 win with the tie goalless at half time.

Aston villa vs wigan

Villa to win 1-0, goalless at half time as wigan will be defending like mad.

My predictions are pretty much similar to the tipsters except for the match between villa and wigan. I think Tipster 1 will win though. Lets see who come out top, beginner’s luck maybe haha 

EPL Previews- 03/05/2008(relegation 6-pointers)

Well this week matches proved to be as interesting as ever, I’ll be previewing some of the matches playing later at night.

Man Utd vs West Ham

The Hammers has been the bogey team for the Red Devils in the previous season with a particular Carlos Tevez netting the winner last season. West Ham had been playing very well against Man Utd but they have nothing to play for in this game and the Devils will not want the title to slip up at their home turf.  Man utd for a comfortable 2-0 win. Watch out for Tevez against his old club although i’m no so sure he will start the game after running his heart out against Barcelona.

Fulham vs Birmingham

The “Big Match” of the night! A relegation 6 pointers up for grab. Both team are in the bottom three and a win here could be crucial. Fulham is at home and they will need the 3 points more. With both Bolton and Reading playing at home against teams with nothing to play for, this match will be nothing short of drama and hard tackling. A draw is on the card and i’m going for a 2-2 draw as the team are pretty on par and could even out eah other.  

Bolton vs Sunderland

Like I said earlier, Sunderland have nothing  to play for but one man could spolit the party for Bolton- Roy Keane. The former Man utd captain doesnt like to lose but with preimer league status next season safe already, Roy Keane may just instruct his players to enjoy the game. Bolton to win 1-0

Blackburn vs Derby

It would be quite foolish to back Derby away from home. They are the worst team in the EPL in history. If Derby get something out of this game, Santa Cruz shall just go Man Utd next season and play for true winner. Blackburn to win comfortably 2-0.

Middlesbrough vs Portsmouth

Portsmouth is looking forward to the FA cup finals. They will not play as well but they are the best away team outside of the big 4. Boro still have an outside chance of being relegated. Play safely can try for 0-0 draw.

Reading vs Tottenham

Reading needs points to stay up and their home form is one of the better of the teams involved int he relegation battle. They should not lose to a Spurs side already looking forward to next season where Juande Ramos can weave his magic. Berbatov may scores though. Try 1-1 draw.

Aston Villa vs Wigan

Wigan is 5 points ahead of Birminham. A draw tonight could make sure of safety and they will park the bus at Villa Park tonight to look for the draw. Villa is chasing Everton for that coveted 5th place and knowing that Everton faces an extremely tough match against Arsenal, Martin O’Neil boys sholud not let the chance slip. Wigan’s away form is not that good also so a home win is on the card. 1-0 win for Villa. I like Steve Bruce though they held Chelsea to a draw.

That’s all for tonight matches. 1 more hour to kick off!! All Man utd fans hold your breath!